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April 1, 2012
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Chapter 4

"[Name]! Arthur! Wake up!" You opened your eyes. You were on the couch. In front of you, Arthur was seated in a chair in front of you. Alfred stood over you. "Have you guys figured out the crime?" he asked.
"We have one suspect, and we were nearly assassinated last night." Arthur replied. His voice was hoarse. Alfred pouted.
"Only one? I need at least two by the end of the week." Arthur began to cough.
"Alfred, Arthur's sick. I think we'll need a day off. I'm taking care of him."
Alfred gaped at you. "I thought you hated each other."
You averted your eyes. "I don't like seeing people get sick."
You stood in front of Arthur's apartment. You began to regret your decision. It would be rather awkward. Arthur unlocked the door and turned on the lights. The apartment was very large and filled with expensive furniture.
"[Name]!" you heard someone call out to you. Peter ran up and hugged you. "[Name], Where were you and Arthur last night!?" he asked.
"Peter, we were working. I'm sick, so [Name] will be here," Arthur said. He began to cough again. "I'm going to bed. Don't annoy [Name] and don't eat any sugar." Arthur trudged to the door at the far end of the room.
You flopped down on the couch.
"[Name], it is so boring when you weren't here. Can we play hide and seek again?"
"No, sorry, but we can play something else. Do you want to hear a story?"
"Sure," Peter replied sat next to you; his feet dangled from the edge.
"Once upon a time, there were two princes named Peter and…. Arthur. They lived in a far away kingdom. One day, Prince Peter was walking in the woods when he found an old abandoned castle. Inside, a girl lived there. She had lived there all her life."
"What was the girl's name?" Peter asked, "Can she be named [Name]?"
A small smile spread across your face. "I don't see why not. [Name] was a sorceress and cast many powerful spells. Prince Peter and [Name] the Sorceress became very good friends. Peter invited her to his castle, but [Name] couldn't leave her castle. Prince Peter promised that he'd visit her again." You looked up. Arthur was standing behind you.
"Please continue," he said and sat down in the couch across from you. He was dressed in his pajamas and wrapped in a blanket. You raised an eyebrow.
"The next day, Prince Peter brought Prince Arthur along. [Name] and Arthur became friends as well. While they were walking in the castle's garden, a three-headed dragon swooped down and grabbed Prince Arthur. Prince Peter and [Name] the sorceress had to save him. When they got to the dragon's lair, [Name] conjured a magic sword and gave it to Peter. Peter killed the dragon and saved his brother. They all lived happily ever after. The end."
Arthur frowned. "Why am I the damsel in distress?"
"You're the girliest one of us all. I bet you still embroider and needlepoint," you retorted. A light blush spread across his face.
"Shut up. You probably still read those awful books you got from Alfred."
You poked his eyebrows. "I thought you'd have enough sense to wax your eyebrows. They look like bar codes tattooed to your forehead."
"At least I don't act like an immature and foolish twit like you."
"Oh, at least I won't be mistaken for a guy like you."
"You fight like an old married couple." Peter interjected. Both of you had forgotten that he was even there.
"Arthur, shouldn't you be in bed?" you asked. He granted and trudged off to his room. "Peter, why don't you watch some T.V., and I'll fix you lunch? What would you like?"
"Anything but the jerk's cooking," he replied. Peter turned on the T.V.
"Reports of a third attack from the same criminals. The left a note on one of their victims' bodies," the T.V. droned.
"Peter, stay on that channel," you ordered.
"Dear Detectives [Surname] and Kirkland, We know that you are on our case. We will give you one warning. Drop the case, or else Detective Kirkland's assistant will never ne seen again." A picture of Michelle flashed on the screen. You stood there, frozen. You then ran to Arthur's room. He was asleep.
"Arthur, wake up," you shook him. He sat up and rubbed his eyes.
"What now, [Name]?" he asked irritably.
"Arthur, Michelle's been kidnapped."
This was accidentally posted in the last chapter. Sorry about that.
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