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April 1, 2012
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There were three women actually assaulted, but five witnesses were killed. The culprits cut up some of the bodies.
"Alfred, when did this occur?" you questioned.
"It occurred 20 minutes ago, [Name]"
Arthur and Michelle were taking photographs while you were interrogating potential witnesses. Alfred called Arthur over.
"Hey, Artie, got any evidence?"
"Sorry, Alfred, we're out of luck." You felt a tap on your shoulder. A girl with short, blonde hair with a purple ribbon tied in it stood behind you.
"Umm, excuse me, but I might be of assistance. I didn't get a very good look at the criminals, but I heard them. There were three males. One was an albino. He sounded German. Another was a brunette, but I couldn't see the third." You thanked the girl and walked over to Alfred.
"I think we may have a lead, Alfred. I might be able to pick up some potential suspects."
"Great! I'll have Artie help you!" You deadpanned. You were not looking forward to this.
Both of you walked into your office. The evidence was spread out over your desk.
"Where's Michelle?" you asked.
"She's busy tonight." You sighed. You were alone with your arch nemesis, and it was nearly night time. You still didn't have a clue who the culprit was.
*4 hours later*
It was dark out, and you managed to gain one suspect, Gilbert Beilschmidt. You stretched your arms. Arthurs was hunched over a small piece of paper. Both of you continuously yawned and had bags under your eyes. Arthur looked up at you.
"[Name], what time is it?" he asked. You checked your watch. It was nearly midnight. You stood up and stretched.
"I need some fresh air. If you want to leave, don't lock the door on your way out," you said. Arthur didn't seem to raise his eyes from the paperwork. You sighed and put on your coat.
You were carefully strolling outside. The streetlights were on, and lighted the street. There were hardly any cars. You passed by a fountain and sat down. You began to stare off into space when a thought occurred to you. You searched your pocket for loose change. You pulled out a quarter and held it in the middle of your palm. You began to wonder what you could wish for.
Your mind began to drift to Arthur. He was a nuisance and brought chaos wherever he went. You were a bit superstitious and wondered wishing Arthur away would work.
"I wish…" you began.
"[Name]!" a voice cried out to you. It was Arthur. He ran towards you. He was holding an umbrella. "[Name], you twit. You should've come back when it began to rain," he said. You looked up at the sky. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn't notice that it was raining.
"[Name], is your head always up in the clouds? Geez, you were always like that ever since we were…" he trailed off.
"Arthur, why did we grow apart?" you asked, "We used to be great friends."
"I guess we both grew up. You started to hang out with different people."
You scoffed. "You became Mr. Perfect and had nearly every girl wrapped around your finger. You were worse than Alfred."
"[Name], can we try to be friends again?"
You recoiled at his request. You remembered all the great times you had when you were both children. You remembered how painful when both of you grew apart. Your grip tightened around the coin in your palm. You turned and looked at Arthur square in the eye.
"Fine, as long as you stop acting so snooty."
"And you'll have control over your tongue," he added.
"Fine," you held out your pinky, "pinky swear?"
He wrapped his pinky around yours, "I swear."
There was a loud gunshot. You squeaked and clung to him. Arthur lost his balance, and both of you fell into the fountain. The gunshots hit the surrounding area. The van sped away. You and Arthur looked up.
"Did you see that van?" he asked.
"Yeah, It said French Rose, right? Do you think those bullets were aimed for us?" you asked. Arthur nodded.
"We better get back and out of the open. They might come back." Both of you were soaked. Arthur offered his hand to you. You took it and he pulled you up. You trudged back to your office.
You were seated at your desk, looking over evidence again. Your clothes were still wet, and you shivered. Arthur draped his coat around you.
"I don't want you to catch a cold."
"You need it more." You gave the coat back to him. He insisted until you finally gave up. Your eyes began to droop, and you lowered your head. You began to doze. You felt someone gently lift you up bridal-style and carried you out of your office. You were put down on something soft. You imagined that it was a couch outside your office.
"Goodnight, love," you heard Arthur whisper. You felt a pair lips on your forehead before you drifted off into a deep sleep.
Well, I actually had more free time than I anticipated. I'll be adding more chapters to Hostage and Project Terra... I think.
SilentMyst Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Really, BTT? lol that's interesting; and btw in the middle of this there is a line that says 'chapter 4'
asianotaku34789 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for pointing that error out. The text following that was meant for the next chapter.
SilentMyst Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah, I kinda figured so I thought I should let you know~
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