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February 10, 2012
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APH City is a place filled with crime. It is a daily occurrence to see a robbery. The city has a top police force as well; most crimes are solved within days. The chief proclaimed himself a "hero".
However, there were some crimes that were so carefully planned out that they even stumped the police. That's when they turn to you, Detective [Name] [Surname], one of the best detectives in history. You easily solved those crimes.
You were sitting in your office; your feet propped up against your desk. You were reading the newspaper.
"Hmmm, molester, Im Yong Soo escaped from prison again, eh? This city ought to get better prison staff. So many convicts have escaped from prison," you muttered. You swiveled your chair and peered through the blinds. There was a group of police cars in the parking lot. "I wonder what crime it is this time, probably a murder."
You office door slammed open and the police chief walked in. He was slurping a drink and talking. "[Name]…*slurp* I have a new *slurp* case *slurp slurp* for you." He announced.
You looked at him annoyed. "Alfred, how many times have I told you, I don't allow any eating or drinking in my office. I don't want another ant infestation. There's a good reason why this office was so cheap!"
"[Name], have you solved the case yet?" Alfred asked, completely oblivious to your annoyance.
You sighed, "Alfred, You need to give me something that the police can't solve. These crimes are too easy. You can at least give me one that doesn't require me to waste my time. The culprit is Natalia Arlovskaya. Who else would kill someone for flirting with her brother? The file contains all evidence needed. Do you have a new case?"
Alfred handed you a file. "Hmmm, sexual assault and murder, I don't get these types of crimes too often. I'll take the case, Alfred," you announced.
*At the Crime Scene*
The perpetrator didn't do a very good job in hiding the mess. Blood splatters were on the wall. You bent down to look at the victim. The victim was a very pretty young girl. You were dusting for fingerprints when you heard the door unlock.
"This area is restricted. Please leave," you said, not even turning around to look at the intruder.
"Oh, please, it isn't very lady-like to not look someone in the eye, [Name]," a crisp voice laced with a British accent nagged. Your grip tightened on your dusting brush. Your eyes narrowed, and you slumped your shoulders. You turned around.
It was your old rival, Arthur Kirkland. You two used to be childhood friends until both of you went into college. Both of you began to get very competitive with each other. The last time you saw him was during graduation, when he told you he was moving back to England. You never saw him again until now. Next to him was a girl you've never seen before. She had two bright red bow ties in her hair.
"[Name], you are still such a novice. You still work alone. I bet you don't even have a secretary to do the filing for you. Oh, where are my manners, this," he pointed at the girl, who was taking blood samples, "is Michelle. I met her while I was taking a case in Seychelles."
Alfred walked in. "Hey [Name]! I see that you've already met my buddy, Artie. You said that you wanted a case that didn't waste you time, so I hired Arthur to divide up the work." You faked a smile and dragged him out of the apartment. You turned him around and looked at him straight in the eye.
"Alfred, please tell him to leave. I've already got this case in the bag."
"Hahahaha, [Name], you're so funny!" His radio buzzed. "Another robbery, where? Oh, ok, the hero is on it!" You gave him a questioning look. "We'll have to continue this conversation later [Name]." He said. Before you could object, Alfred dashed to his police car. You groaned and contemplated if you should follow Alfred's order.
"I still need to get my stuff," you thought. As you walked into the apartment, Arthur and Michelle were just leaving.
"[Name], you are still a mediocre detective. I've already found the first clue." He showed you a rose petal. He smirked at you. You gave him the death glare.
Once those two were out of your sight, you finally let your temper flare. "Stupid British bastard! Stupid Alfred! Damn you world! What did I do to deserve this?!" You punched a metal mailbox. You tried to stifle your scream, but it came out as a weird sound. You heard footsteps coming towards you. A hand reached for your shoulder.
"[Name], are you alright?" Arthur asked. He looked at your hand. The knuckles were bloody. He sighed and shook his head. "You ought to control that explosive temper of yours. I could charge you with property damage. Come on, I don't need your DNA on the crime scene."
You slapped his hand off. "Shut up, I can take care of myself." You turned and walked into the mailbox.
"Clumsy and awkward as ever [Name]." Something rattled in the mailbox. "[Name], you shouldn't go looking through someone's mail. This mailbox is far from the crime scene…." You smirked as you triumphantly pulled out a bloody knife.
"A soldier asked Napoleon what generals her preferred, brilliant or intelligent. Napoleon replied 'I prefer lucky generals.'" You smiled smugly at Arthur. He was fuming.
I'm staring a new series. This is an England and Reader Oneshot.
ann-rae Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
haha in your face arthur :P i love it!!
ShadowsDreamer13 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Gotta love the rival/soon-to-be-lovers deal, It always keeps it interesting :iconcatsmileplz:
crystalbunni12 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012
-giggles- Annoying Arthur, my new favorite past time.
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