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February 17, 2012
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It had been a few weeks ever since the evidence was found. You were waiting for the autopsy results to come in. You were in your office when the phone rang.
"Hello, is this [Name]?"asked a voice. It was Michelle.
"Yes, this is her, what does the British idiot want now?"
"Um, he wants to invite you over to his office for tea." You could hear her voice quiver. A pang of guilt hit your stomach.
"Sorry for snapping at you Michelle, how is your job?"
"My job is fine; I usually just file the paperwork or clean up his office."
"Oh, how is Arthur treating you?"
"He's fine. Why do you dislike him so much?"
"We used to be friends until college. Then, he began to get so competitive. It's like I don't even know him anymore. Um, what time should I drop by?"
"He wants you to come as soon as possible."
"Thanks, I'm on my way." You heard the phone click.
You were in the elevator, riding up to the top floor. The doors opened, and you stepped out. A little boy ran inside the elevator. He reached to press the top floor button, but stopped. He looked at you.
"Are you [Name] [Surname]?" he asked. He looked like the spitting image of Arthur.
"Yes," you replied, "Who are you? You look just like-"
"I'm Peter Kirkland, the jerk's brother. Nice to meet you." He shook your hand. "I'm playing hide and seek with Arthur, do you want to join me?" he asked.
"Does Arthur know that you're playing hide and seek?"
Peter broke out into a catlike grin. "No, but that's what get him so annoyed. Can I borrow your cell phone?"
You gave him your phone. He began to dial a number.
"Hi Michelle, this is Peter. Can you put Arthur on the line?" there was a pause, "Hello, jerk"
"Hey, me and [Name] are going to play hide and seek. We'll hide, and you seek. Come and get us." He hung up.
"I'm going to go easy on him. What floor do you think we should hide on, [Name]?" The elevator door opened. Both of you hopped out.
"Where should we hide?" you asked.
"We should hide in a closet or under a desk or couch. You'll hide in that janitor's closet, and I'll take hide somewhere else."
You raced into the closet and shut the door. The elevator opened. You pressed your ear to a wall.
"Bloody wanker…stupid girl… I'll have both of their heads on a silver platter once I find them. Whoa!" you heard the floors squeak and a thump. You sniggered. Suddenly, you heard a knock on the door.
"Excuse me, is anyone in there?"
"No, no one here," you attempted to fake a male voice.
"Oh, okay then. Sorry to bother you, sir." You sighed. You heard his footsteps fade and the elevator door open. You stepped out of your hiding spot to see if he truly left.
"AHA!" Arthur yelled. He tricked you into coming out of you hiding spot. You squeaked and ran. The elevator door was open. You rushed into the elevator and pressed a button. The doors closed. You looked at what floor you were going to. Your eyes widened. The elevator was going to stop at the next floor down.
"That bastard can think that he can trick me, eh? I'll show him!" you thought. As the elevator door opened you dashed out. You turned your head around Arthur was not too far behind you. You stuck your tongue at him and raced into the ladies restroom. Women screamed as he ran in. Arthur blushed and ran back out.
"[Name]! You can't hide in there forever!" You giggled.
A while later, you looked outside. Arthur was nowhere to be seen. You snuck to the elevator; the doors were open. You smirked.
You opened the door to the stairs. When you opened the door, Arthur sprang at you. Both of you collided and fell. You blushed. Arthur was on top of you and both of you were in a compromising position. You blushed bright red.
"G-Get off!" you snarled. Arthur's face was also bright red.
"Wanker! You shouldn't have tried to run in the first place!" he pulled you up, but still held onto your hand.
"Can you let go?" you asked.
"Will you not run away?" he asked.
"I hate you"
Hi, this is the second chapter. If you guys know me in real life, please keep this account a secret from others you may know. :)
Lex-Le-Azazel Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
i cannot breath, blame the game i love this and fanfic
SilentMyst Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Cant wait for more
starwarsanime Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Student Writer
That's awesome!! I loved it!! :heart:
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